Towelroot Apk v5, v4 & v3 Download – Latest Version 2018

Welcome to the official Towelroot apk download for Android, we provide you the latest version towelroot v3, v4 or v5 apk to get your device rooted in no time. Without any further ado, let’s dive right into the content. Let’s see how you could harness the power of the latest version of this app which is v5 for your Android device. By just clicking the app, you can easily able to root your Android devices.

After a good research of test, we are sharing the information about app and instructions to download and install it. Let’s see how you could make use of towel root apk to get the instant root access. Also, we have a detailed tutorial on, how to make use of the application to get your Android phone rooted without computer or PC usage. Without any further ado let’s dive in!

Download Towelroot Apk v3, v4 & v5 Latest Version – Official Website

What is Towelroot?

Towelroot by Geohot is one among the most popular one click rooting app available for Android platform, by which you can root any compatible device in one click. It is compatible with Android Gingerbread and above, so that can harness the power to get one click root access. The latest versions ie, v3 or v5 or later support many devices and also brings the unrooting feature to the table.


Unfortunately, it not available in the Google play store you have to download .apk file and side load on your mobile. Make sure you download towelroot v5 apk from this official website and install to your mobile.

Download Towelroot Apk

Stable Versionv3.0
Size1 Mb
No of Downloads3,78,000+
Compatibility Android v4.0 & later

Download Towelroot v5 Apk 2018

Download the latest version of the towel root application by clicking the button below. We have the version 5, which is releases in Jan 2018 with a patch to support the latest smartphones.

Download Towelroot Ap

How To install Towelroot Apk On Android Mobile Phones?

Installing the apk of any Android app is almost the same if you don’t know there are some of the important steps to be followed before using the application. Follow the information below to install the app,

  1. First of all, download towelroot.apk from the above link.

    Download towelroot apk
    Downloading towelroot .Apk
  2. Before downloading the app, you must know whether your device has enough memory to download and install or not.
  3. Then open Settings >> Security >> Enable or check the installation from “Unknown Sources”.
  4. Then open the downloaded .apk file which will be located in the downloads folder.
  5. Tap Install.

    Install towelroot
    Install towelroot
  6. Open when the app is installed.

    Towelroot app installed
    Towelroot app installed

Voila! You have installed the app, now it’s the time for some cool action. Follow the below tutorial on to know how you could make use of this amazing one click root app.

How to use Towelroot Apk to root your device?

It is one of the best for rooting your Android device. As we all know that most of the phones nowadays are not rooted. First of all, before downloading this rooting app, you must follow the important instructions. Many of the people’s doubt are very much excited to know about the things like how to use this ultimate, there are a number of updated Towel root apps available in the tech market to download.

One must know that most of the rooting apps may cause damage your devices. But when comes to downloading the app, it plays the healthy competition among the other apps. By using this great app, you can just easily root your Android devices.

Download Towelroot Apk

  • Download the .apk from the above link.
  • Open the application by clicking its icon in the app drawer.
  • Then tap on “make it ra1n” button.

    root using towel root
    root using towel root
  • Within few seconds, you’ll get the confirmation.
  • If your phone reboots, which means your device isn’t compatible with the application.

Follow the below-embedded video if you need further help.


Towel root always plays the significant role when it comes to rooting your device. Also, you can easily target the app for non-rooting your phone by just tapping a single click. All you need is the Android devices to root or non-root. And then before jumping into the download and installation process, the user must know that whether your device supports the file to root or not. Almost all the recent versions of Android devices of Samsung, Sony Xperia and much more will support this app for the rooting purpose. YOu can also download kingoroot apk, which is a great alternative to towelroot.

People who are all looking to get towelroot for PC or tablets can also proceed here to download and install. As per the above instructions followed by the user, he/she must be following the security settings of the Android devices. And then click the unknown sources from enable to disable. By following this instruction, you will be able to download all the apps and games from out of the Google Play Store.

These are the essential requirements that need to be followed before downloading and installing the app on your device. You can download this app at free of cost. Also available of latest version updated .apk file for the Android devices. People must follow the link and download according to their device models. Those who are all struggling get the latest version app can follow the sites to download and install. Yes, it has many features to follow for your Android device.

Towelroot Supported devices,

As we said earlier that most of the Android devices would work with the app. Those people still who want to know the compatible phones which are supported can view below some mobiles.

  • Nexus 5
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy s4
  • Sony Experia

These are the few latest devices are all generally support the devices with no root. By just installing this app, you can allow any of the latest devices to support this app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why rooting Android?

As we all know that most of the people are very much aware of the stuff like rooting for their Android phones. Yes, it is very important when it comes to downloading the apk files on your mobile. Most of the mobile phones are not rooted, which means it will not allow all the apps to your many time anytime.

For this purpose, rooting plays the major role in terms of getting any type of apps and games on your mobile. For example, if you find some of the interesting games and apps to download from Google PlayStore, but it will not allow downloading. The main thing is it may be a cost to pay for downloading process. Thus the rooting is mainly the process of allowing your Android devices and other devices to run the Android OS reach advantaged control that is rooting. It works over an enormous number of Android device systems.

Rooting Android opens you many opportunities, installing root access required apps, installing custom ROMs and plenty of others. My recommendation would be checking out some free in-app purchasing apps like Freedom app or best rooted file manager apps like Root explorer apk to go with.

Is rooting harmful?

Yes, it is harmful to your device at any time. Once the rooting app is installed on your device, it may have a chance to harm your device. Sometimes it may lead your device to shut down completely.

Is it possible to unroot the device?

Apps like Towelroot and most of the apps have an option to unroot your device even after rooting the device. You can unroot anytime as per your wish.


According to the above-given instructions and the information will help you to download towelroot apk at any time on your device. Before downloading the app, taking caution will always keep your device safe. Those who are all very much interested in downloading this app can follow the above steps as well to download on your device.

By downloading towel root v4, v5 apk latest version for Android 2018, you can root your device at any time without making any delay. It supports almost all the Smartphone devices including tab and PC.